My name is Bart Aansorgh

…. and welcome to my portfolio website. I’m a recent graduate from Breda University of Applied sience (Buas), formerly known as NHTV. Here i Obtained my bachelor in Creative Media and Game Technologies as a Game Programmer.

Over my student career I’ve used several different programming languages and toolkits (all conveniently listed below). I am most familiar with C++,  C#, Unreal engine 4 and Unity, but other devices or languages I used include: Python, Oculus Rift, LeapMotion and the Arduino.

– C++
– C#
– Python
– Unity
– Unreal Engine 4
– Oculus Devkit
– LeapMotion
– Arduino

My main hobbies are playing D&D or games with friends, playing guitar, and building guitars. I also enjoy playing tennis and watching racing sports; formula one and MotoGP in particular. Some of my favourite games include Horizon Zero Dawn, Divinity Original sin 2, Diablo II and III, World of Warcraft.

Contact information:

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Last Project:

My last project was on a unreleased game by Team6 Game studios in assen. Before that I worked on a 4th year specialization project involving implementing Machine Learning into a game. The video below shows a test scene in unity with AI trained to shoot the target.  Read more…