Thrasher is a racing game using a custom controller inspired by kitesurfing. you controll the beast in front of you to race around the track, boosting your speed by picking up balls of energy.

My Role on the Project

The main task I worked on during this project, was the implementation and maintanance of the arduino controller. I also created placeholder for the character controller untill another programmer finished the physics controlled one

Because the controllers the client gave us were originally programmed for unity and used a different system (which we did not have acces to), I had to reprogram the controller. Suprisingly, here my knowledge about building guitars (a big hobby of mine) came in useful. Knowing how potentiometers work, and some other basic knowledge of electrical wiring allowed me to figure out how the controller worked and reprogram it more efficiently. This also helped in its maintanance, since hte controller had some faults in its construction. These faults led it to get stuck occasionally, or caused the springs to jump out of the casings and uncoil. Part of my days on this project were often dedicated to opening and fixing the controllers.

In the end I took the controllers home and cleared up some of the tolerances, allowing the wheels to rotate smoother and it didn’t get stuck as often anymore.

Apart from the arduino and the character controller placeholder, I also worked on some of the game mechanics, such as triggering rising pillars.