This project was created in GameLab in IGAD v1. We worked on this project for 1 day a week, for 7 weeks, with a small team of 9 people.

The game is a Horror game, made in Unity with the Oculus Rift.

You are stuck in an abandoned mine, with a flashlight, flares, and a flaregun. You have to use the limited resources to find your way, but the monsters in the mine are attracted to the light.

My Role on the project

I had two main tasks during this project. I was responsible for integrating the Oculus Rift into the project, and programming the Enemy AI.

Implementing the Oculus had some challenges. Even though plugins were provided for unity, the head tracking wasn’t completely reliable. It had the tendency to go of-axis after playing for a while. Small issues like this had to be tracked constantly and fixed with for example a button that would re-allign the axis to the way you were actually looking.

The monsters in this game are attracted to light. But the mineshaft layout of our level made it impossible to trace all active lights, as lights flows around corners, but traces do not. To get around this after the initial trace for lights, it would do a second trace from nearby intersections for active lights. Together with a falloff formula for light over distance this allowed the monster to always go towards the light source that was strongest at his location.

I also doubled as the programming lead, though the team was very small. Mainly this ment keeping up good communication with the producer and other leads to make sure we kept on the same page, and identifying which programming tasks should gain priority.