This project was created in GameLab in IGAD v1. We worked on this project for 1 day a week, for 7 weeks, with a small team of 9 people.

In this small puzzle game, you control a small robot and have to rotate mirrors to reflect light. When you or different objects enter the beams of light different abilities are gained. Use the beam of light to solve the puzzle and open the door.

My Role on the project

My role on this project was mainly the character controller, as we decided to make our own. Some of the difficulties that I encounterd was a way to be able to walk up sloped surfaces, and smoothly switching the camera between the mirrors and the character. I also doubled as the programming lead, though the team was very small. Mainly this ment keeping up good communication with the producer and other leads to make sure we kept on the same page, and identifying which programming tasks should gain priority.